Oxycontin For Sale

I have a limited supply of 40mg oxycontin for sale.  I am selling them BY THE BOTTLE ONLY.  I wont open the bottles (they are factory sealed from purdue).  The price is $800 dollars per bottle FIRM, 100 tablets in every bottle.  I am not making much profit from these but I have to sell them asap.

Email me at therealestateking@live.com for more information.  I live in Hollywood, California and thats where they will ship from. I cant take paypal for obvious reasons.  I took some pictures for you below;

I had to white out the identifying information on the bottles.  All the bottles look the same, all are 40mg 100qty.  800 dollars.  Email me to buy a bottle.  Free overnight shipping.

James (therealestateking@earthlink.net)


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